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As told to Diane Brady in Bloomberg Businessweek on
August 4, 2011.
Mr. Maurice R. Greenberg explains his decision to forgo retirement — and to build Starr Companies.

I've never been interested in retirement. AIG was just one of the businesses I managed when we took it public in 1969. I was chairman of C.V. Starr, which at the time had four specialized insurance agencies. I was also in charge of Starr International.

Whatever I felt about AIG didn't matter anymore. I was still a major shareholder, but I couldn't control what went on there. My job was to do what was right for the businesses I still led. I had consolidated the agencies and focused on new ways to grow.

It's very hard for me to think about the past now. I prefer to look forward. I like building things, and I believe I'm good at it. The size of the organization doesn't matter: You can't tell a general by the size of his tent. It's much more fun running a private company where you have flexibility. If you have to look over your shoulder about everything you do, it affects your business. We've recently signed a big deal in China, and we're entering many parts of the world. We've more than tripled in size since 2005 and are continuously growing.
When choosing marine cargo insurance, it's important to consider factors beyond price. Loss control, extensive geographic foot-print, claims response and subrogation/recovery are critical areas of expertise a carrier can provide a global importer/exporter, according to David French, President of Starr Marine, a member of Starr Companies. "Of course, no importer/exporter wants a loss disrupting their all-important buying/selling relationships and goodwill with clients. First and foremost, that means a major focus on claim prevention and loss control," French said.
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